Man of the Stacks

Have some more wedding photos! This set includes our Best Man, Maid or Honor, and Magician! 

To My Beloved:

I’m sure you know this, but you have married a hopelessly  flawed creature. I know there will be times when I say and do things that annoy, anger, and even hurt you. Just remember that I would NEVER do so intentionally and when I hurt you, I hurt myself. My love for you is so big that it scares me sometimes. I am afraid that I will be lost in it, crushed by it, so fully consumed in it that on that terrible day when you can no longer be with me I truly won’t know what to do.

Remember that whole “Getting married” thing I mentioned?

Well, that was… brief

Like most of the relationships in my life. Man, I was really sure this time too guys.

I can no longer hide my forbidden lust.

I can no longer hide my forbidden lust.

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Some People.

So today I crossed the “I love you” threshold with my girlfriend and do you know what she had the nerve to tell me?

"I love you too."

I’m screwed, in the most wonderful way.


This beautiful dream boat! <3

When you find them it’s pretty much exactly like this.

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Regarding Romance
There was this guy I used to work with
name was Chuck
He was older than me
Kids were teenagers, one of them even grown
He was a cool guy
gave me some good advice a couple of times
Kind of a surrogate dad or big-brother type
but the one thing he told me
regarding romance
was to be myself, but not my TOTAL self
because I was so proudly geeky no girl would go for that
I kind of want to go find him
and kindly tell him
I Desperately Want To Be In Love Again…


A love that is neither possessive nor jealous, but is still a deep, yearning need for that one special person. The kind of love that makes you skip work so you can spend all day in bed holding them because there simply aren’t enough hours in the night.

Good news guys: I’m starting to remember this feeling.